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Visit our new PAR website at bostonpar.org! As of October 2016, this page will not be updated.

Welcome to Peer Assistance and Review!

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The Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) program is designed to support and evaluate Boston Public Schools teachers who are not currently rated at Proficient status in the educator evaluation process. PAR teachers can volunteer to have an experienced peer (called a Consulting Teacher) visit their classroom on a regular basis to serve as their coach and primary evaluator. PAR is a collaborative partnership between the Boston Public Schools and the Boston Teachers Union.

Webpage Highlights

ABOUT: You can see how PAR works and the learn about the different roles within PAR.

ENROLL:  You can see if you’re eligible for PAR and how to enroll in the program.

FAQ: Read answers to your questions about PAR.

RESOURCES: Download PAR materials, including our our pamphlet (PDF) and other coaching resources.

PAR CONTACT FORM: (Google form): Fill this out when you’re ready to set up a first meeting with a Consulting Teacher.